What had I done to clarity. Why did clarity elude me so. Why did clarity abandon me to incertitude.
But wait what had I done? My hands traveled to my lips. I could still taste him on my mouth, he tasted like tears and heartbreak. Kunle had broken my heart. I began to laugh hysterically. Broken? No, he had shattered my heart into a billion irreparable pieces, still he had not deserved what he got.
What had I done?

I woke up perfect that morning with a smile on my face, like I was shooting one of those sanitary towel commercials. I knew it was going to be a good day. I took a shower, brushed my pearly whites and made myself a hearty meal. I sat down to eat, sighing I thought, life can be easy if we want it to be. I was still eating when my phone beeped, I glanced at it “your item has been delivered please come for pick up” read the message on my screen. I looked out the window, beautiful weather I thought. “I think I’d take a walk”I said aloud.

As I came to the end of the road I shook my head, I had definitely missed my way. I decided to ask the lady who was a few steps ahead of me “Oh you’ve gone past it, you have to go back, walk straight ahead, past that red gate and you”ll see the building” she narrated “Okay thanks” I quickly responded. As I turned to leave I heard the words “Hi, where are you going? Let me drop you off” I paused for a second to look at the guy in Hyundai who had just spoken. “No thank you” I said as I quickly walked away. In the one second I paused I’d assessed him and he was not lacking. He was in a good car and he was dressed smartly which meant he had a job, I assumed. He wasn’t the prettiest man but he also wasn’t horrid and he was well spoken so why had I said no? An array of confusing thoughts crossed my mind as I drew closer to my destination. Why had I said no? Maybe I still wasn’t ready to meet anyone new but I felt like I was. If i turned back would I seem desperate? Should I look back to see if he followed me? I touched my palm to my forehead and took a deep breath.
Why had I said no?

I had just gotten to my destination when I heard “You’re going my way I think, the offer still stands” the same guy in the Hyundai said. When had he pulled up beside me? I was obviously lost in thought but thank you Lord for bringing him back. I gestured towards the building “I’m already here so I don’t need your help” I said still playing hard to get. What was my mind doing and why were these words coming out of my mouth. I should be saying yes.”Is this your house?”he asked pointing at the same building “No, I just have a package to pick up” I responded. “Oh then I can wait and drop you of.””But you don’t know where I live” “I’ll drop you off anywhere” “Oh” I said. Then a thought came to mind; maybe he doesn’t have a job, maybe I read him wrong. “Okay you can wait, I don’t live far.”

“Are you going to drive?” I heard myself ask ” I’ve been sitting in your car for about 30 seconds, all you’ve done is stare at me and smile” I continued. After about another 20 seconds he responded ” forgive me but I can’t help it, you’re so beautiful and you’re exactly my SPEC”. I rolled my eyes. Men! “You offered to give me a ride home so can you please drive” I said and he laughed “My name is Kunle, I’d like to get to know you”.

I was seated on the sofa back at my apartment smiling at the card Kunle had given me. My mind traveled back to only thirty minutes ago when I had sat comfortably in Kunle’s car for over an hour. He did have a job, a good one at that, he was also the boss so he had the liberty of time. We talked and had surprisingly gotten on well, I realized he was actually really cool but I still chose to act hard to get. “Can i have your number please? I’d like see you again” he said, I pretended to think for a second “Give me yours and I’ll call you” I responded “Don’t be like that” he started but i cut him off “It’s not up for contest, just give me your number and I’ll call you” “You promise?” He asked “I don’t make promises” I responded. “Okay. I have a card somewhere.”
I put the card down and proceeded to open my package.

I picked up the card. A whole day had passed and I hadn’t called Kunle, I really wanted to but i also still needed to play it cool and act uninterested. Screw playing it cool I thought as I picked up my phone and dialed the number. After what seemed like forever; “Hello””Hi” I responded ” It’s me, the spec that you wouldn’t leave alone. I thought i wo-” “Babe can you come here” were the words of the oh so sweet voice I heard in the background. The voice that halted both my words and my brain. “I’ll call you back” where the next words I heard and then beep. Line off.

If you made it to the end of this story then THANK YOU and guess what? There’s more. I really needed to put this story in parts so don’t think I decided to whet your appetite and leave you hanging. Be sure to follow this space so that you’ll know when Part 2 drops.
Don’t forget to leave a comment and share the story. Thanks again and God bless. xx


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