Hi guys and welcome, I hope this write up meets us all well.
Apropos of the #ENDSARS movement I decided against putting out any content because it just didn’t seem right but then I woke up this morning thinking I should probably drop a few words of encouragement on this issue.


By now I’m pretty sure everybody in Nigeria and I mean EVERYBODY! (the olds, of course the millennials and the centennials) are aware of the current state of our country. If anyone claims otherwise then they’ve been asleep too long and needs to be awake like yesterday.

As I wrote on Instagram a couple of days ago, I’m very optimistic about where we (the Nigerian youth) are taking this country. I definitely see the light at the tunnel’s end.
We are at crucial points in our nation’s history so we need to stay focused, it is not the time to be passive and it is not the time to lose sight of the goal. we cannot afford to sell our future for measly sums of money. Have you learned nothing from Esau’s mistake?

I’ve had lots of conversations on this issue with the olds, friends, colleagues and anyone who is interested in what I have to say (even some who aren’t 😁) and believe me when I write that some people have blatantly told me that we ( Nigerian youth) have bitten more than we can chew, that this movement is a waste of time.
Not only do I disagree with this phooey notion, I’m deeply convinced that this movement will bring about sustainable change to every sector of this country. The issue of sustainability however, lies with us so again I write let’s not lose sight of the essence of our fight. Think well on your strengths and weaknesses as a youth. When tomorrow comes and you are put in a position of authority will you start well and eventually abuse power? will you drive all our efforts to futility? will you add insult to injury? or will you hearken to the outcry of your people and deliver results that Nigerians have been waiting emphatically for?


We have raised our clenched fists in unity, strength, defiance and resistance, now is not the time to set them down. Do not get tired, remain focused and do not relent. Even the Bible records in Ecclesiastes 7:8a “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof…” So even if the fight carries on longer than expected do not relent! because when we win this and be rest assured we will you can say to your children I am part of the generation that secured Nigeria.

With all these being written please find a way to join the movement if you haven’t already. If you can’t come out to protest there are a couple other ways you can join the cause;
~Pray! Yes pray for the protesters and for our needs to be met.
~Post, tweet, share pictures, send messages to people. Use whatever platform you have.
~Educate yourself and others (especially the olds) on police brutality.
~Donate if you can.

Finally if you’re out there still telling yourself you don’t understand our demand for change and reformation then please talk to a few people who do, listen to stories of police brutality and do research. You can also listen to ISWIS – #ENDSARS and police brutality episode on Apple Podcasts (I’ll share the link on request).
We proclaim a new dawn for Nigeria and Nigerians and may God reward everyone who has and is lending a hand in the rebirthing process of our beloved nation.

Thank you guys so much for making it to the end of this write up, I know it’s a bit here & there but honestly guys I just wrote as it came to heart. If you have any questions, suggestions, thoughts or even additions to my write up please leave it in the comment section below it’ll be really nice to see your feedback.
Thank you and God bless. xx



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