What? No post in almost two weeks?
Such rascality!

In truth guys, I feel like a rascal, like an unserious person gan. Is it that deep you may ask. Brother, sister, e deep gan, mostly because I have no excuse. I haven’t even been going to work so I can’t come on here and write “mehn life happened”. I’ve been enjoying my life I can’t even front.

Wait. Could that have been the problem? Too much enjoyment? Comfort? Because with this my enjoyment came zero motivation, zero inspiration and a bag full of lazy.

People oftentimes say comfort is the enemy of progress and achievement. I think it’s true, what do you think? (comment below). Comfort feels good, it makes you feel cozy but it’s definitely a double edged sword. I stayed too comfortable for days and the result is I got nothing, as in not a thing done. I’ve even added weight 😢
I postponed all the things I needed to do which sequentially means I postponed my goals. Chai. I think the issue is when we get good at something or when it becomes a routine we start to feel very comfortable doing it and when we get comfortable we like to stop and enjoy it for a little while and then the trouble is the little while becomes a long while and we don’t know when to break out.

This week I’ve made a decision to enter into my growth zone, push myself, challenge myself, perform at my peak. So when you see my posts in your face no vex abeg, just read, comment and share. Mbok. Thanks.

I started this post not really knowing what to write. I just wanted to come on here and apologise for going off for no reason at the same time I was second guessing this post. It’s crazy how typing this is making me realize that I’m also really apologising to myself, I could have done better in the past two weeks.

I guess I came here to free my mind.

Anyway maybe this will encourage someone who is slowly but surely becoming a couch potato, get up and do stuff o. Comfort is good but when it starts to make you retrogressive then stand up. E don do. Get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable, do something new, different, maybe even difficult, just do something!

We cannot afford to remain comfortable in a country such as ours. Things keep moving so why shouldn’t we?

Now that I’ve somewhat explained myself. Will you forgive me?



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