Abortion is an extremely delicate and controversial topic I know, so why did I bring it here? I guess I just felt the urge to.
Honestly guys I thought long and hard about which is right and which is wrong, but I’m gonna tilt towards DON’T DO IT!

According to my faith Abortion is wrong, abortion is murder; ergo, a sin but this isn’t my only reason for saying no to abortion, I’d mention others shortly but let me first assume that the term abortion is alien to some persons.

In case you aren’t aware, there are a lot of different definitions of abortion (emphasis on a lot) each significant in their own way, yes that’s how complex this topic is but basically Abortion is the deliberate termination of pregnancy by removing an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus, which can be both medically (the pill) and surgically.

I advised against abortion, here’s five reasons why:

• Abortion takes away the unique gift that women have, which is being able to give birth. Every woman deserves better than to be convinced that they don’t have what it takes to raise a child. Please don’t believe this lie ladies irrespective of what your age is you would be surprised at how well and how quickly you fit into motherhood, as far as you’re open-minded.

• If everyone had an abortion the populace would be annihilated; you might think it affects just you but really look at the bigger picture, how many other women have the same thought as you, what if every woman decides to abort her child, who would be left ?

• If you choose to engage in the adult activity of sexual intercourse, you ought to accept the responsibility if a life is created as a result of unprotected sex, okay, I know what you’re thinking “I used the morning after pill, it failed, this pregnancy is unwanted” “I’m pregnant as a result of rape, I did not ask for this, this pregnancy is unwanted” “I can’t support or care for this child, this pregnancy is unwanted” well my advise to you is take a deep breath and think of it as a blessing, a human life is a blessing in all circumstances.

• Abortion violates the right of the unborn; don’t you think the baby has a right to decide if it wants to live or die just as you do? you say it’s just a fetus I say it’s alive, it’s human and humans have the right to live, if you can’t grant them fundamental rights then who’s to say you deserve rights yourself. I totally believe that life begins at conception.                

• Abortion is a one-sided story. Aborted babies are not alive today to confirm that being aborted was a positive decision for the benefit of society.

My final thoughts on this issue guys. I agree that the decision to continue or end your pregnancy is very personal but are you aware of the consequences of an abortion? Do you really want to deal with the “what-if’s” of the life you would have had with your child.
Some may say every woman has the right to choose, it’s her body therefore her choice, can we then say every man has the right to rape a woman if that’s his choice, after all it’s his body and we don’t have the right to tell him what he can or cannot so with his body? Of course not, you may also argue that it’s wrong for the man to think it’s okay to rape because he would be inflicting pain and causing harm to another person but if you think of the fetus as a distinct autonomous person you would realize that the woman is doing the exact thing. (you keep hitting lagbaja and he isn’t screaming doesn’t mean you’re not causing him pain also doesn’t mean you’re right to hit him).
In the case of rape and incest, as tragic as these cases are they do not erase the humanity of the child. For me abortion can only be acceptable if it endangers the life or wellbeing of the woman involved.
Let me quickly state that I could never judge anyone of an abortion but I also strongly believe that convenience should never be valued more than life. BE PRO-LIFE ! 

I hope you liked my write up guys maybe learned a thing or two, maybe changed somebody’s ideas. Again I’m reaching out to EVERYONE. This is a learning platform so I’m eager to view your opinions whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life, I’m also very open to criticism so leave your thoughts, questions and suggestions in the comment section I would really appreciate that. Also please please don’t forget to share as I’ve written before I have no shame in my game so I don’t mind begging you guys lol. yeah.
Thank you and God bless.


  1. Hi guys, thank you so much for making it to the end of this write up. If you didn’t know The gray block was a stand alone blog that I had to quit two years ago because I hadn’t mastered the art of managing my time however I’ve decided to incorporate it into this blog, so for now there will be a repeat of some of the old content on here but let’s be honest we cannot over discuss social issues such as gbv anyway let me stop here before this comment becomes a whole other write up. lol.


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