So yes guys it’s personal hygiene today, I’m sure you’re like why? like we don’t know how to keep our bodies clean. I’m sorry but if you don’t like the topic you can leave. I’m joking o issajoke please. Seriously don’t go anywhere, just manage and read till the end it won’t be boring I promise. Do you hear me screaming come back I was joking, please stay. LOL

Okay so when people think personal hygiene they think taking a bath, brushing your hair and wearing clean clothes. They’re not wrong, it’s all of that but it’s also much more. It’s more than just cleanliness it’s personal habit choices, it’s more than just taking a bath it’s how frequently do you take a bath? It’s how often do you change your toothbrush? Do you wash your hands regularly? Do you trim your nails? Do you clean the things you use everyday? How often do you change and keep your underwear clean. For me it’s about keeping your home (living room, bathroom, kitchen and everywhere else) clean, keeping your work space clean as well.
All of these should not just be termed good habits, they should be our personal hygiene habits. I know everyone has their own standard that they’ve been taught by but personal hygiene habits are essential for good well being which is important to having a good life.

Why we need to keep up our personal hygiene is not even a question that should be asked but I’ll answer it anyway because well I’m not doing anything at the moment, I have time. 😊
First and foremost health implications; you would be at great risk of contracting an infection or illness if you are not properly groomed. I cannot overplay the significance of washing hands at an era like this. As little as washing your hands can keep you alive and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. It’s less demanding to keep yourself and space clean than to deal with illnesses and diseases that could have been deflected, don’t you agree ?

Secondly please save yourself from social embarrassment; It’s so hard to relate with someone who has a mouth odour for instance, how do you hear the words they say? Be honest, you don’t and even worse how do you tell them? you cant. So you just avoid them instead.
It is impossible to make good impressions without adhering to personal hygiene principles, if you look unkempt or smell bad it will immediately place you in several social disadvantages as others will find you unattractive and potentially dangerous. Furthermore, poor personal hygiene can have significant implications on the success of job applications and interviews or the chance of promotion as no company wants to be represented by someone who doesn’t appear to be able to look after themselves.

Thirdly It would improve your self-esteem; There’s an attitude that comes with being clean and looking good, it’s called confidence. You feel so much better about yourself, you smile even when unnecessary so people can see your perfect set of teeth. People will react more positively to you which will help raise your self-esteem, also you are more likely to appeal to a potential partner if you practice good hygiene.

As I’ve mentioned above, proper grooming and healthy personal habits can help ward off illnesses and make you feel good about yourself. Here’s a guide to good personal hygiene habits:
Take a bath regularly 
It’s basic I know, but beyond just being clean it can help you remain healthy. I learned that our bodies are constantly shedding skin and that skin needs to come off otherwise it will cake up and cause illnesses. Taking a bath daily will also help your skin rejuvenate, remain healthy and prevent acne, blemishes and other skin eruptions. Also note that you shouldn’t share your towel and wash them regularly.

Brush and floss 
Also basic but I learned that ideally you should brush your teeth after every meal but kilode? I’m not even going to lie that I do that but at the very least brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily, this will help minimize the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth and prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Trim your nails
Now not everyone can boast of trimming their nails and if you bite your fingernails with your teeth it’s not the same thing o. Keep your finger and toe nails trimmed and in good shape to prevent hang nails, infected nail beds, breakage and other potential damage to your nails. Also moisturize nails and cuticle regularly.

Wear deodorant 
I’ve recently discovered that a staggering number of people don’t wear or even know what deodorant is. It’s sad. It is not enough to use only water and soap, wear deodorant on a daily basis. Deodorant covers up unpleasant body odour caused by sweat. If you’re worried about potential health risk associated with conventional deodorant try aluminium free ones.

Wear clean clothes
It makes no sense that your body is clean and you smell good and then you proceed to dress yourself in dirty clothes and underwear. Dirty clothes are a source of contamination and can cause very serious skin disorders if worn over and over without washing.

Wash your hands
Again I cannot overplay how vital this is. We are at a point in our existence where as little as keeping your hands clean can determine your health condition. Please always wash your hands. It is not just a good habit it’s a personal hygiene habit (one I pride myself in, I can wash my hands for Africa 😂 ). Washing your hands as soon as you get into your home, before preparing and eating food, after going to the bathroom, after coughing and sneezing, after holding garbage goes a long way towards preventing the spread of bacteria. Keep an alcohol based sanitizing gel handy for when water and soap is unavailable.

Keep your home and office space clean
Wipe every part of your home and office clean at least once a week using either soap and water or conventional household cleaning products. Don’t ignore things like remote controls, door handles and keyboards, they should be cleaned as well.

Shout out to all the ladies who made it this far 😀. This one’s for you.
Vagina care : The vagina cleanses itself naturally but you want to do these couple things yourself –
Stay dry and clean.
Never use soap.
Use cotton underwear around that area.
Wipe from front to back, it’ll prevent germs from entering into the vagina.
It’s advisable to sleep without underwear so that the vagina remains dry.
During your periods change tampons, sanitary pads or menstrual cups often.

Make up hygiene : Wash your brushes weekly with a mild shampoo and use isopropyl alcohol to clean tools like tweezers or lash curlers.
Make sure your eye pencils and other make up have their lid on and secured tightly, never leave products open as that can allow bacteria to get in.
Be sure to wash your face and remove all make up products before turning in for the night.
All make up have expiry dates, don’t use yours past it’s date.
It’s best not to share make up like lipsticks and any kind of eye make up as pink eye and cold sores can be easily transmitted through these products.
And yeah ladies that’s it.

My final thoughts guys; I kinda have none, I don’t think there’s anything left to write, It’s just I know some of us do the basic things we need to ensure our personal hygiene is on point but we have to admit we can do better because our hygiene really is something to take seriously. Also it is of paramount importance to teach our children the value of good personal hygiene habits from a young age so they keep themselves clean and healthy throughout their lives and avoid social stigma that accompanies poor hygiene habits.

So I hope you guys have been able to learn a thing or two; I created this space to enlighten and reach out to EVERYONE on so many different issues and I want this space to be as interactive as possible so please leave your thoughts, questions, suggestions and additions in the comment section, I would really appreciate your feedback plus it’s absolutely free.
Thank you and God bless.

Live & Learn 



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