Okay we hear you but how ? (by the way the above statement was issued at the end of the NBA meeting on the 4th of July, 2017.)
Again I ask how does Nigeria in her present state unite on the basis of Social Justice and Equity when Equity has to do with everyone having access to fair and equal treatment under the law regardless of race, social class and gender which we know isn’t material in this nation.

Social Justice is established in eminence of equality, justice, respect for diversity, self autonomy and fairness and is more imperative now than ever amid various national and global crisis.
We are all impacted by equity and social justice issues some of us more than others, so promoting social justice should be foremost on our minds.

The following are ways I believe we can promote social justice;

Raise awareness / Spread the word : Become active in spreading empowering information on social justice with friends, colleagues and even random people you meet. You can also use online networking to raise awareness. 

Support local organizations :  There are a lot of groups that fight for social justice, equity, equality and basic human rights for all. Find the ones whose message resonates most with you and find out how you can support their events and campaigns.

Embrace diversity : This to me is very important. We must appreciate the richness of difference that exists in gender, ethnicity, race, class, religion, nationality and lifestyle, so many people have died and are suffering because of lack of understanding that the difference in appearance, belief or way of life does not make one person better than another. We need to realize that our diversity makes us unique.

Practice what you preach : Social justice begins with you and your home, there is no point going out and urging others in the community to change their words and ways if you haven’t first changed yours. Get people around you, family and friends involved and keep them informed and educated about social justice issues and human rights.

Now, as much as we have roles to play in social justice and equity, I believe the government plays a more vital role as there cannot be good governance without social justice. To break it down, the government has failed if the people governed are passive and non-supportive and if the people governed decide to be passive it would basically be because of the lack of social justice and in Nigeria. Lack of social justice finds it’s issues in no payment of wages, dangerous working environments, violation of labour and human rights, child labour, forced labour, dysfunctional infrastructure and social amenities.
According to uyanga (2014), Social justice contributes to good governance in the following ways;

Protection of human rights and dignity of persons : Enforce already structured impartial set of laws that are put in place to protect human rights and dignity of persons from being violated.

Equality or impartiality in the treatment of every individual : This may seem far fetched but it is in fact very feasible. Every individual must have equal opportunity and treatment in the society, social injustice negates abuse and dehumanization of individuals therefore every partial treatment that may arise out of nepotism and other frivolities should be downplayed in favour of who may qualify rather than who i know.

Respect for the rule of law : The rule of law must pride itself in being equal and impartial, it must be free from favouritism and bias and must operate with the same standard irrespective of persons. No more lynching the person that steals a goat and tolerating the person that steals large sums of money.

Solidarity and inclusiveness : Participation at all levels of social existence; economically, politically, culturally, socially and otherwise must be embraced and practiced. individuals must be part of the society as society is part of them. Society cannot grow if the parts that make up the society are dysfunctional and disorganized.

The promotion of a just state : When the common good is promoted and systematically pursued in a society, it gives the opportunity for justice to flourish and for citizens to be happy and live fulfilled lives in their society that cares about them.

My final thoughts you guys; the world is highly unequal. The gulf between the rich and the poor keeps widening with the rich getting richer and the poor, poorer which really shouldn’t be because Nigeria would move forward so much faster if there was no tribalism, nepotism and discrimination, if there was only love, peace and unity. It may seem impossible to achieve but not if everyone plays their role right and embraces diversity and respects each others cultures instead of trying to prove that one is superior to the other.
I believe that our society will thrive only when the common good of all overrides the personal interest of one or few individuals. We cannot achieve social justice if we continue to lack ethical leadership from those in political power and honestly there will not be peace until we achieve social equity in its entirety.
I also strongly advise that it is never to early to teach our young ones the importance of social justice and fairness. It should be incorporated into their curriculum. The more they learn about justice, equality and equity the more their mindset changes and improves which can only benefit the society as they are the future leaders.

Thank you so much guys for viewing this blog post, the time it took to work on this post is the longest it’s ever taken me to work on a post so i really hope you guys enjoyed it and learned a few things. I did. As always I’m open to feedback so please leave your thoughts, questions and suggestions in the comment section below and enjoy the rest of your week.
Aren’t you excited that you made it to the end of the month? I am. So take a second to thank God for life today okay? okay! Happy new month in advance🙂
Thanks again and God bless. XX


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