Wear these names with Pride. Are you surprised by what you’ve just read? Why? The stigma attached to these names? The self hate I subjected you to?
I’m sorry. I know I can never adequately apologise but let me try-

I’m sorry for thinking you sucked growing up. For never defending you against harsh words that caused more wounds than sticks and stones.

I’m sorry for looking at you in the mirror and feeling sick to my stomach because parts of you drooped and sagged.

I’m sorry for thinking that you weren’t good enough to be shown off.

I’m sorry for thinking your place was in the shadows, a wallflower till you’re six feet under. Oh how wrong I was.

I’m sorry for believing the narrative that you weren’t the standard and would never be goals.

I’m sorry for thinking you didn’t deserve to command respect.

I’m sorry for thinking you didn’t deserve love because you did and always will. You were created in the likeness of God. Fearfully and wonderfully.
You’re saggy boobs are beautiful. Dark inner thighs? Beautiful! Stretch marks? Cellulite? Beautiful beyond description.
For the pain I cost you, I apologise and I know it doesn’t change or soothe the past but in a bid to make things better I’ll make you a couple promises-

I promise to feed you deliciously healthy food and nurture you with calming self care routines

I promise to not follow other people’s rules and only do what’s best for you.

I promise to let you enjoy beautiful sensations.

I promise to be at peace with you, respect you and cherish every part of you.

I promise to stop judging your body as inferior to others.

I promise to treat you like the temple that you are.

I promise to get to know you and commit to you.

I promise to be grateful always for everything you do for me.

I promise to surround you with people who love, respect and adore you.

I’m grateful that you didn’t give up on me and ecstatic to be starting this amazing journey of self love and acceptance with you.
Cheers to starting over with promising results 🤞🏾 🙂

Love, Emma

Thank you so much for reading my letter till the end, you’re much appreciated. If you grew up feeling substandard or mediocre in terms of body size or shape I hope you have snapped out of it like I have. Your mind will begin to work with you once you decide to love your body. Always remember others won’t respect what you’re ashamed of.
Thanks again for reading. xx


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