Hi dolls and welcome to VOLUME BY EM, the plus size fashion segment of this blog. The name Volume came to me when I thought about a way to describe my body. According to the dictionary one of the definitions of Volume is “the amount of space that a substance or object occupies”. Another definition is the “fullness or expansive thickness of something”. No kidding guys these definitions describe my body.

I’ve recently come to an understanding in my life that except I choose and act to shed weight my body will remain the way she is and I’ve got to love and pamper her, make her look her best, adorn her with beautiful clothing that’s just right for her figure.
Unfortunately, not all big girls have come to this realization so they continue to do one of these two things;
(i) Do the most to prove that they are just as attractive as the next skinny girl which in my opinion really comes from a place of insecurity or inferiority (I may be wrong).
(ii) Not even bother to try because they hoard the feeling of being unworthy, undesirable and unsuitable.
SIS, let me clearly state that you don’t have to throw away all atom of modesty to look good or even attractive and you also don’t have to give up on looking good just because you feel a certain type of way about your body. You must love yourself first okay? okay! 😁

Here on Volume, I will be showing big beauties like myself how we can dress to suit our body type without doing too much whilst still following and creating fashion trends.
So, hold your horses! xx


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